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Imagine, if you will, a very iconic American scene of a smartly dressed woman wheeling a stroller down a peaceful street in Small Town, USA, when a passerby stops to marvel at the baby. 

“Oh, what a beautiful little — “ the passerby pauses mid-sentence, looking quizzically at the mother for answer. “Boy? Girl?” The blankets are green and purple; the passerby doesn’t want to offend.

“Oh, neither,” the mother answers with a bright smile. “Minotaur.”

Welcome to America 2023.

“A California hospital executive and professor … Diane Ehrensaft, a self-identified ‘feminist’ who supports a ‘gender revolution’ [and who is the director of mental health and [the] chief psychologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital gender development center … claimed children can identify as a mythology-inspired creature,” Fox News wrote.

Insert moment of shocked silence here. 

How are these people getting medical degrees?

Fox posted a screenshot of bullet points of Ehrensaft’s areas of health-based expertise, which included transgender children, gender fluid children, gender hybrids — and as subcategories of that last, “gender prius,” defined as “half-girl, half boy”; “gender minotaur,” defined as “one on top, other on bottom”; “gender by season,” or “school year girl, summer boy”; and “gender by location,” meaning “at home, boy; at grandma’s, girl.”

Just think. The possibilities are limitless. At work — boy; at beach — girl.

Watching television — minotaur; shopping for steaks — prius.

Smoking crack — nonbinary; serving time in jail for smoking crack — fluid.

The thing about the “gender revolution” is that it’s built on lies, so it can be whatever ridiculous notion pops at the moment — and it can linger for as long as the ridiculous can sell. And if the coronavirus nonscientific shutdowns on liberty and basic human activities showed us anything, it’s that if you put the word “doctor” by a person’s name, then it doesn’t matter what that person recommends or advises or suggests or states: It’s taken as sacrosanct. Just look at what the stupid Dr. Anthony Fauci was able to advance in this country, all by claiming to be “science” and all by insisting that anyone who attacked him, or even questioned his authority, was attacking science. He was, after all, the medical professional and all those who dared attack him — well, peons without degrees; pitiful wanna-bes of inferior intellect.

That’s how he got by with making his particular brand of ridiculous pass as sensible.

To paraphrase one of Fauci’s funniest: “If one face mask is good, two are better. It’s just common sense.”

And now comes Ehrensaft applying that same common sense to genders — “if two genders are good, three are better — and 20 best of all!” It’s common sense, dontcha know.

“Now, we’ve got genders moving boulders,” Ehrensaft said at a 2018 event at the San Francisco Public Library, Fox wrote.

And here you thought genders were supposed to simply be something that went along with the sex identity God assigned at birth. Next, you’ll be saying there are only two, too. Oh, you silly wabbit. 

The danger of allowing such lunacy to influence our children stems from the permanency of damage that can result. A young boy told at a young age that he can become a girl simply by switching clothing, and then become pregnant simply by undergoing some medical treatments, is a psychological and physical life-change that can’t truly be undone. Add minotaur to the list and it’s a recipe for destroying life.

What kind of job market is there for minotaurs these days?

That’s just the least of the concerns.

Really, what’s happening in America with this so-called “gender revolution” is demonic. Adults who should know better are taking children who can’t possibly know better and training them in the evil way to go. That’s exploitation. That’s ungodly and wicked. That’s something that comes with a severed biblical warning — along the lines of “woe, woe, woe.”

The exact phrase, actually, is in Matthew, and it reads, “If anyone causes one of these little ones — those who believe in me — to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

Yes. There will be consequences for the actions of the evil who entice the innocent away from God.

In the meanwhile, Americans need to fight this medical tyranny and these medical tyrants who believe they know better than God, than parents — than sane people — how to raise children.

Let’s start by stripping medical licenses from any health professional who suggests children can identify as minotaurs as a gender. That would seem a standard of true common sense.

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