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Return to New Deal?

Former President Bill Clinton's slogan, "It's the economy, stupid," resonates as strongly today as it did when he first said it.

Biden belongs in prison, not the Oval Office

President Biden's dirty business and corruption should put him in jail, not in office for another four years ("House's corruption probe goes after Biden documents at National Archives," web, Aug. 15).

President Biden, peace broker?

There is a lot of talk about a possible peace deal between the Saudi government and the state of Israel.

Biden has always been corrupt

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.'s piece implying that President Biden started out in a good place as a politician was a terrible thing to read because there is nothing in Mr. Biden's 40-plus years in office to justify that belief ("Big Guy Biden: What started out as admirable quickly devolved into corruption," web, Aug. 15).

Support Ukraine

Has someone lost the screw that connects the pieces of our logic?

Is warming really on the rise?

The Earth has warmed approximately 0.7 degrees Celsius since around 1850, when the planet emerged from the Little Ice Age ("Mishmash of how U.S. heat deaths are counted complicates efforts to keep people safe as Earth warms," web, Aug. 13).

Trump, U.S. families under siege

On the same day that former President Donald Trump was indicted for the fourth time, the chief economist of Moody's Analytics announced that "Bidenomics" is costing the average family $709 more per month than just two years ago ("Trump, 18 associates indicted in Georgia election probe," web, Aug. 14).

Postal Service faces headwinds

As a retired U.S. Postal Service automation engineer, I am always interested in reading comments about my former employer ("Postal Service chief fails to deliver promised reforms," web, Aug. 14).

Weiss appointment violates rules

Attorney General Merrick Garland last week appointed U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss special counsel to further investigate the highly questionable activities of Hunter Biden ("Weiss' new job seen as 'cover-up' for Bidens; special counsel botched plea deal," web, Aug. 13).

'Dead' for two decades

In 1994, I discovered I had been "dead" for 20 years ("IRS refused to pay stimulus checks, wrongly claiming taxpayers were dead," web, Aug. 11).

Let the facts speak for themselves

History can be ugly, but it serves an important purpose, so we shouldn't try to "cancel" the facts ("Erasure of Trump files enters new dominion," page 1, Aug. 10).

Another celebrity cries foul

An alleged racial profiling incident at a Los Angeles-area Home Depot has brought a $1 million lawsuit by actor Tyrese Gibson and two of his associates.

Iran is no vacation spot

"Iran to get billions in deal that sets up release of five detained Americans" wWeb, Aug. 10) highlights the real dangers for Americans traveling to Iran.

DeSantis is Jeb Bush 2.0

Before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his intention to run for the GOP presidential nomination, I held him in pretty high regard.

Evidence against President Biden mounts

Whenever President Biden is caught in a lie, his knee-jerk reaction is to make an ill-tempered, snarky remark and simply walk away ("Biden says it's 'not true' that he sat in on Hunter's business calls," web, Aug. 9).

Nuclear's history is even longer

Rep. Jeff Duncan points out in his recent commentary piece that American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer is remembered for his work on the Manhattan Project (the development of the nuclear bomb).

A dearth of courage in politics

Both of our major political parties are derelict vessels filled with unconscionable lies, deceptions and shameless hypocrisies ("Devon Archer and the crumbling Biden defense," web, Aug. 7).

New blood needed

If an asteroid collided with our planet and hit only the people who knowingly and willfully profited from the COVID-19 pandemic, I would feel no sadness.