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The Rebellion Podcast

The Rebellion Podcast

Washington Times Opinion contributor Everett Piper shares his daily insights and analysis on the news of the day. "In times of universal deceit, Truth is the only rebellion left."

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Recent Stories

Staff members pick out free groceries for a customer at a food pantry at Shiloh Mercy House in Oakland, Calif., on Nov. 5, 2021. U.S. food banks dealing with increased demand from families sidelined by the pandemic now face a new challenge – surging food prices and supply chain issues. As holidays approach, some food banks worry they won't have enough turkeys, stuffing and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Residents picking up free groceries in Oakland said they're grateful for the extra help as the price of dairy, meat and fuel has shot up. (AP Photo/Terry Chea)

Ask Dr. E: Does everyone have a conscience?

Dear Dr. E: Is there a difference between righteous indignation and conscience? Does everyone have a sense of indignation, and does everyone have a conscience? If everyone possesses these things, why does anyone exhibit bad behavior?

A man holds a crucifix as he waits for Pope Francis arrival for a mass in Kossuth Lajos Square in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, April 30, 2023.. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Ask Dr. E: Questions of heaven and hell

If our God is good and generous, what will happen to the huge number of those who do good but are not Christians? It's impossible for me to believe that a good God would simply dismiss those souls.