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Hillary Clinton, reacting on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” to the fourth indictment slung Donald Trump’s way, laughed.

It was one of her most deplorable moments. 

And Americans who aren’t simply mush minds for the far left won’t take kindly to the arrogance of an entrenched politician like Clinton who has enough skeletons in her closet to decorate for Halloweens for the next 50 years.

This is the woman who entered political — and economic — limelights by turning a $1,000 investment of cattle shares into $100,000 practically overnight. In fact, in one night she saw a return of 530 percent on her initial buy; and all that, while earning a salary of about $25,000 per year and knowing next to nothing about investments. 

She only grew more illustrious through the years.

There was Whitewater. There was Benghazi. There was the wiping of her email server. There’s the Clinton Foundation and Vince Foster and the looting of the White House.

There was so much scandal dotting her politics Trump even campaigned on a pledge to lock her up.

Now Clinton,  it seems, is getting her payback — and in true petty fashion, throwing darts at someone who is warding off quivers of flaming arrows.

Host Maddow: “Now here we are with a multiple indicted former president, Trump, and a democracy that frankly has not looked this fragile in more than a century. All over the country, people are wondering what Hillary is thinking, watching things unfold in Georgia. She is the former Democratic presidential nominee. Madam Secretary, fancy meeting you here.”

Clinton laughed.

“I can’t believe this,” Clinton said of Trump’s indictments.

And then she lied.

“Do you feel satisfaction?” Maddow asked. “You warned the country that [Trump] was going to try to destroy democracy. Most of the country didn’t believe you.”

And Clinton lied. 

“I don’t feel satisfaction,” she said.

The laugh shows she does. 

Clinton, who once called out the nation’s sizable population of Trump-supporting, MAGA-loving, America First voters as a basket of deplorables, is the true deplorable. Yuk it up, Democrats. Time is short, and voters hate arrogance.

With each indictment — with each laugh at Trump’s expense — the polls only show stronger for Trump.

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